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The core approach of the project is to contribute towards the advancement of the objectives of the European Union Internal Security Strategy 2015-2020 and to the EU CBRN Action Plan. In particular, the proposed program will focus on CBRNE awareness raising and training of front-line practitioners (police officers, coast guards, firefighters, medics, customs officers etc.) in both Greece and Cyprus.
Τhe project “Shielding South-east Europe from CBRN-E threats – S.S.E.E." addresses the priority Training of the Call for Proposals covering the development of CBRN-E training programmes to build capacity of actors involved in the detection and mitigation of CBRN-E risks which have cross-border and cross-sector elements as well as the improvement of law enforcement training facilities, especially for CBRN-E first responders and in the special intervention domain. The European dimension of the project will be illustrated through the activites since the training framework, the training material, the E- Class, the handbooks, the simulation game and the excercises scenario will be translated in English in order to be used and from other European countries.

CBRN-E Threats

Things you should know

CBRN-E threats impose critical dangers to our lives.
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KE.ME.A. (Coordinator) Center for Security Studies, Hellenic Ministry of Citizens Protection
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