The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA)- Greece (Coordinator) is a scientific, consulting and research entity aiming at conducting theoretical and applied research and providing consultancy services on security policies at both national and international levels. KEMEA is based in Athens and, according to its institutional framework, is the Hellenic Ministry΄s of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction ″think-tank″ on homeland security and anti-crime policies.

ADITESS LTD-Cyprus, is a scientific, consulting and research company, whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to produce studies, in strategic and tactical level. It covers issues concerning security policies, aftermath on crisis events, critical infrastructure protection, transportation security and border management, state of the art modeling solutions and monitoring equipment for border security.

Piraeus Port Authority SA- Greece, employs more than 1.300 people and annually provides services to more than 24.000 ships. Α modern and dynamic company that provides high quality services, keeps investors satisfied, ensures long-term employment and serves commercial transactions in Greece in favour of the national economy and the consumers in the most efficient way and within the context of the global port industry.

Emergency Response Unit- Cyprus (E.R.U.), was established in 1978, as a response to an increase of terrorism in the Middle East region and the serious terrorist acts and events that took place in Cyprus at that time. The E.R.U. is based in Nicosia but operates all over Cyprus. It acts as an independent unit, directly under the command of the Chief of Police. To confront organized acts of violence and terrorism and to provide help to the public in cases of calamity and/or other disasters.