The work of the project is broken down into four Work Packages:

WP0: Management and Coordination of the Project

WP0 is focused on the continuous support to the organization and outputs of the meetings and trainings that will be conducted all along the duration of the project. It is dedicated to the effective management with multiple objectives:

  1. ensure the smooth execution of the project in a timely manner through the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the project activities,
  2. provide trustworthy management for the project's financial issues, and
  3. report progress of the project to the EU authorities.


WP1: Establishment of experts’ forum, teams and networks

WP1 will achieve three goals:

  1. It will create an international forum of experts (Experts’ forum) coming from partner countries who will: a) identify the national training capacities and needs in each respective country, b) collect and review training seminars already held in the respective countries and c) develop the “train the trainers” training material in English.
  2. It will identify at national level 5-10 trainers from each partner country who will be trained by members of the experts’ forum. These trained trainers will form the national and transnational trainers’ networks.
  3. The trained 50-100 first line practitioners in each partner country will form the national and transnational trained practitioners’ networks.


WP2: Training Material Preparation

WP2 will:

  1. Create state of the art Curriculum and manual (with the relevant training material i.e. power point presentations), incorporating all recent developments in the CBRNE issue and addressing the current and foreseeable needs of first line practitioners. The training Curriculum, Manual and training material in English and in Greek languages will be digitalized and be available in the project’s portal.
  2. Develop a table top exercise scenario simulating a situation in a specific point in the Cyprus borders
  3. Develop a real time exercise scenario at the Piraeus Port where first line practitioners dealing with a “dirty bomb”.
  4. Design an aligned with the training material and user friendly simulation platform for the “Identification of CBRNE threats” in Greek and in English, in order for the trainees to effectively assimilate the training.


WP3: Training activities

WP3 is aimed to raise the awareness and train first-line practitioners (police officers, border guards, coast guards, customs officers) at national and transnational level in Greece and Cyprus. Additionally, a number of national and transnational training modules for first line practitioners are planned to provide them with a better understanding of CBRNE threat and to help them offer support to individuals at risk.


WP4: Dissemination and Exploitation

The key objective of this Work Package is to define and establish suitable dissemination and exploitation actions that SSEE will undertake in order to ensure its success and sustainability. Overall, the Work Package captures the communication and dissemination strategy of the consortium, adopting the most appropriate dissemination tools and channels in order to exploit the projects achieved during the project implementation. The Work Package provides an overview of the designed dissemination activities to exploit the accomplished results and outlines the exploitable components.